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Factory Seconds

Serving the Seattle and northern Washington area in over 8 locations, Budget Batteries is the premier shop for all of your Factory Second battery needs. Our office in Seattle carries factory second batteries for almost every vehicle type, make, and model, all at value prices—and we provide great customer service to boot. We also offer battery service, so that any issues that may arise can be taken care of with ease. Our Battery Finder service lets you enter your vehicle’s make and model so you can find the exact battery you need quickly and with zero hassle. When you leave our stores you’ll walk out with a factory second battery that’s built to last— a quick and easy experience.

Factory second batteries are new batteries we’ve had in our Seattle based inventory, but which we did not sell within 1 year after stocking them. Essentially, they are brand new, never used batteries that we offer for a fraction of their original price. They’re a great value for you and your vehicle, and their quality is top notch. We also offer a wide variety, such as absorbed glass mat batteries, lead acid batteries, and we have them available for a whole range of different vehicle types, makes, and models. On top of that, our Seattle area locations also offer battery service, so you’ll get access to the professional expertise of our technicians and a brand new battery all in one go. Whether you’re looking to get a new battery for your truck, car, motorcycle, RV, or golf cart in Seattle, our selection of battery seconds offer great bang for your buck.

As the number 1 battery shop in Seattle, we at Budget Batteries pride ourselves on providing you with an exceptional value and a great experience. Let our knowledgeable staff help you find what you need, so you can be on the road and on your way as soon as possible. For all your factory seconds needs, give us a call or visit our shop today.

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