Come visit Budget Batteries in Parkland, conveniently situated at the intersection of 123rd Street S and Pacific Avenue in Parkland. We strive to fulfill all of your automotive battery needs.

Car batteries, motorcycle batteries, golf cart batteries, and batteries for anything else that rolls are all featured at our Parkland Budget Batteries location. Battery accessories, such as cables and chargers, are also available.

In addition to selling batteries and accessories in-store and online, our Parkland location also offers battery repair services. Car and motorcycle batteries that can still be fixed are discarded way too often. Budget Batteries in Parkland is proud to provide low-cost battery repair services. Acid refills, corrosion clean-up, and rust removal from connected areas are just a few of the services available. We can also repair or replace worn-out wiring if necessary. In addition, we provide core charge and core exchange services at our facility. Of course, we always provide free testing and installation. Budget Batteries in Parkland is a cost-conscious business and we gladly pass on any savings to our consumers.

Budget Batteries is one of the leading automotive battery stores, with ten locations all around the Washington area, and we are still growing! If you have any questions regarding batteries, accessories, or battery repair, please call us at (253)539-0299 or go to our Parkland Budget Batteries store at 12302 Pacific Ave S Tacoma WA 98444, and we will be happy to help you. We look forward to seeing you soon!